Fall Landscaping Guide

by Ursula K. Rose

While most people think about landscaping mainly during the growing months of spring and summer, preparing your yard for the ravages of the fall and winter is essential if you want a yard that still looks good when the thaw comes along next spring.

With arrival of fall home owners should be heading outdoors and making some preparations for the colder weather to come. Here are some tips.

Preparing Your Lawn

Although it may look as if your grass is not growing at all during the colder half of the year, that is not the case. The lawn's roots are actually growing deeper into the soil in preparation for the cold.

The fall is a great time to treat your lawn to one last fertilizing treatment and to re-seed any thinning areas. Feeding your lawn now will give it the boost it needs to survive until the spring.

Shrub and Hedge Maintenance

Fall pruning is very important if you want your bushes and shrubs to flourish in the spring. The bulk of pruning should be done after most of the leaves have turned, which indicates that the plant is dormant.

Pruning, however, is a delicate and sometimes difficult task, so this may be one aspect of fall landscaping to leave to a professional.

Tree Care

The trees around your home can become dangerous in bad weather if they are not properly maintained. Every winter thousands of homes are damaged by falling branches and much of that could have been prevented if the trees had been looked after more carefully.

The fall is the right time to call in an arborist to inspect the trees on your property and perform any necessary pruning to make sure that your home is as safe as possible.

Landscape Fixtures

The average yard contains a lot more than just grass and trees as components of the overall landscape and these additional elements need attention in the fall as well. Patios, walkways and driveways can all take a real beating once the temperature drops. Keeping them as free of excess water and ice as possible will go a long way toward preventing winter damage.

If you noticed water or ice accumulation last winter, take steps now to improve drainage around the area. This may not be a huge fix; it may be as simple as adding a small gravel drainage channel next to a walkway or fixing a gutter that drips onto pathways. A good landscaping professional will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

If you have a pool, call to have it winterized now. The water should be drained and a pool cover put in place. Make sure that it is a good pool cover though. In the winter in certain areas of the country it is not unusual for deer and other wildlife to take a walk across covered pools, so the cover has to be strong enough to withstand that kind of weight.

All deck and patio furniture that can be put away inside should be. Before storing it away in the basement though check for excess moisture and leaks down there, to avoid discovering damp and moldy outdoor furniture when you come to get it all back out again next spring.

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