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Garden-bridges in the past were normally seen only in Japanese or other exotic Asian gardens. They have close ties to the Far East, where water gardens are connected with meditation and rejuvenation. You can bring this sense of renewal to your own surroundings with a well-chosen garden bridge.

Landscape bridges come in every bridge design and material. Arc, arch bridges, ornamental, landscape, wood bridges, oriental, Asian, and Japanese garden bridges and rope bridges are just a few of the names you will hear hear for the different types of garden bridges.

Today, you can purchase or build a small garden bridge no matter what your budget. Wooden bridge plans can be purchased at a minimal cost, and you can sometimes even find free garden bridge plans that demonstrate how to make a bridge. I've seen some around $100.00 all the way up to the thousands, depending on the size, garden bridge design and material. Many even come with free shipping.

Is something missing from your landscape design? It just may be a garden bridge!

Just as you can see in the photo of the above bridge garden plan, you don't even have to have a large area of water elements in your yard to have a garden bridge. I often see landscape bridges over "dry beds" of rock or gravel, and with the right bridge garden, they are just as pretty as the "water" bridges.

If you do have a small yard, you can find a bridge as small as 3' long ... just the right size to add a decorative touch to your garden without overwhelming the natural beauty of your landscape. Whatever the size or style of your outdoor area, your garden-bridge should blend and enhance the style and area -- not stand out on its own from everything else in your garden.

There are limitless styles available today, and I've found that the best and most unusual ones can be found online.

Here are the primary landscape bridge designs/styles:

  • Plank Garden-Bridge
  • Single Rail Garden Bridge
  • Double Rail Garden Bridge
  • Rail Free Garden Bridges
  • Rope Rails Bridges
  • Picket and Spindle Garden Bridges
  • Even a miniature Covered Garden Bridge!

    Whether your landscape is formal and structured, or free and unstructured like a country garden, you'll be able to find just the one for you.

    Here's some fun and interesting books, videos and dvd's on garden bridges for both inspiration, ideas, and building. Please make sure you get the appropriate product as they can all look similar to each other in pictures.

    And for those of you who have the time and talent to build your own bridge, here's a great video to help:

    Stay right here on this site and do a Google search!

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    Not only are bridge gardens fun and beautiful, they can be also be functional. Many people use them strictly for decorative purposes, so whatever your needs, you'll be able to find the perfect garden-bridge for you. A few things you can accomplish with garden bridges are to:

    • cross water and enjoy the view from above whether a creek, a pond or even a swimming pool;
    • transverse a dry bed with decorative rocks, flowers and plants;
    • divide the different areas of your yard and provide a transition or connection from one area to another;
    • bring serenity and tranquility and evoke a feeling of peace to your outdoor space;
    • transform a very ordinary backyard into a unique and delightful escape for you, your friends and family;
    • personalize your landscape whether formal or informal.

    Garden bridges are available in anything from a kit delivered to your door ready to assemble to a beautifully finished custom bridge, and come in virtually every price range and material.

    The primary styles of foot bridges include:

    Four post garden foot bridge
    This type of garden bridge has a standard arch with four posts and rails.

    Step-up bridge
    The step-up garden footbridge is built with a fairly low rise and sports four finial-topped posts with single rails on either side.

    Arched garden foot bridge

    Six post garden foot bridge
    Because of its length, this garden bridge is perfect over a large pond, creek or even a portion of your swimming pool. The decorative features include 6 posts with ball finials that support a single rail on each side. This is one of the strongest of bridge types.

    Rope rail garden foot bridge
    As in any type of bridge, these garden-bridges are available in several different sizes. The thick rope rail adds a very individual and charming appearance to any garden.

    One word about railings

    If you are good at working with wood and want to build your own garden bridge, please check your local building codes regarding both the garden bridge and whether or not railings are required before you begin.

    Just remember .... the most important thing of all is to just have a lot of fun with your new garden-bridge and enjoy it!