Garden-Decor and Accents
Make Your Ourdoor Space Warm & Inviting

Garden-decor and accessories are right behind flowers as some of my very favorite landscaping elements!

This is where you really make your landscape your own, whether it's frogs, fairies, formal statues or patio furniture. Your yard reflects your style and personality most through these elements.

One word of caution ... you're going to have to exercise some self-control here. Otherwise, your yard will look like a shop and people will start coming to your door asking how much things cost! :)

I like to plan special areas for mine or do something unique with them such as putting a small bunny in a large planting pot or placing a pot of trailing ivy or flowers in a bird bath so they spill over the edges.

Bird Bath Garden

Nice pots Just Breezin

Garden Owl Buddah And A Bowling Ball.

A Pretty Picture. Flowers by white picket fence.

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Our new LayZboy patio furniture bed Patio Furniture

The Garden Gazebo In May, 2008. (Featured In Landscaping, 5-3-2009.) Close-Up Of Esther.

Jack-The-Rabbit. Relax at balcony of Ocean Breeze Inn Cottage

Ke-hoa-sat-my-nghe-Wrought-Iron -Flower-shelf-Dong An-DA6A (104) English-Style Gate Tulip Tiki Torch