Landscaping - Shrubs
(Some of My Favorites
for Beauty and Function)

Landscaping-shrubs that work best for me for completing my overall landscape are the ones that are evergreen (stay green all year) and the ones that grow in a mounded form so that they need little to almost no trimming. Check for the term evergreen when you buy your shrubs if this is important to you.

I love flowers, so I also have a mix in my landscape of flowering shrubs as well such as Azaleas and Rose of Sharon.

As with everything else, you should check zone charts for your area before planting.

Click on the pictures below for which zone these will grow best in and to find out what zone you're in. Just type in your zip code on the home page!

Here's some of my main-stays:

Japanese Holly
I love the beautiful color and density of these shrubs. They're a little lighter green than most shrubs, so provide a wonderful contrast and depth to your landscape.

I like a natural look, so I just keep them clipped enough to look groomed-not formal, and to keep them at the size I like. I only have to lightly trim them once, twice at the most, each year.

If you prefer a more formal look to your garden, they are also beautiful when trimmed into different shapes and sizes. This type is commonly used for the topiary you sometimes see that is clipped into shapes, some of which can be pretty elaborate.

Chinese Holly
These shrubs are very deep green with shiny leaves and beautiful deep red berries in the fall. They are extremely prickly, so take care where you place them!

The police department in my city actually recommends them for placing under windows to deter burglars! If you use them for this reason, make sure they're planted where you can work around them if you need to paint, etc.

What I really like about them is that the dwarf variety are only 3-4' tall and grow in a mounded shape, so do not need any trimming to keep their shape, and they look beautiful in the winter as well as the summer.

Dwarf Youpon Holly
Can you see a trend here? I really like holly bushes and low maintenance plants! The Dwarf Youpon is a wonderful edging plant or can also be used in front of larger hedges for that beautiful lush layered look that will set your landscape apart from the crowd.

These are also evergreen, so will keep their color in the winter months. They don't have vivid coloring; however, they're still a favorite because of their low maintenance.

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful shrubs of all. They come in all sizes and in many brilliant colors and need at least dappled shade.

Even without their spring flowers, they have a beautiful shape and gorgeous medium glossy green color. They are one of the shrubs I've mentioned that can stand alone in the place of flowers in the spring.

I have one in the front corner of my yard and it gets tons of compliments all by itself! It blooms in my area in late spring to early summer and is absolutely covered with deep hot pink flowers against it's deep green colored, elongated and pointed leaves.

It is evergreen as well and again, doesn't need much pruning unless you want to contain the size a bit or shape it slightly. It's like a large bush in appearance. They generally grow about 4-5' high and almost as wide, so make sure you have plenty of room for it if you don't want to trim it!

There are some miniature pale pink flowering Oleanders as well, but they don't seem to be quite as hardy as the larger variety. The colors available for the larger ones (depending on your area) are hot pink, pale pink, white and sometimes yellow.

They are said to be poisonous, so plant them at your own risk, but I've always had both cats and dogs and have never had any problems with them, nor have any of my neighbors or friends.

Blue Daze
One of my favorite border annuals for bright, sunny places. It's very blue, a great spreader, attracts butterflies, and keeps blooming all summer. It's the border for my garden island (see the center photo) on the HOME PAGE of this website.