Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Brandywine Valley - USA

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Below are some beautiful products on the Gardens, especially known for its haunting beauty in the winter and at Christmas:

And here's a beautiful video of Longwood Gardens at Christmas time taken by Dee Joslin on Vimeo. It does have sound, so please mute the volume on your PC if you'd prefer not to hear it.

About Longwood Gardens

One of the premier botanical gardens in the United States, Longwood Gardens consists of 1,050 acres (4.2 km²) of gardens, woodlands, and meadows in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, in the Brandywine Valley.

The Longwood Garden was originally purchased from William Penn in 1700 by a fellow Quaker named George Peirce (1646 - 1734). Although it started as a working farm, in 1798 Joshua and Samuel Peirce planted the first specimens of an arboretum. By 1850 they had amassed one of the finest collections of trees in the nation.

Industrialist Pierre S. du Pont, (1870–1954) purchased the property from the Peirce family in 1906 to save the arboretum from being sold for lumber. From 1906 until the 1930s, du Pont added extensively to the property. A world traveler from an early age, du Pont was often inspired to add features to the garden after attending world's fairs, the most notable additions being the massive conservatory complete with pipe organ, and the extensive system of fountains.

After the completion of the fountains, du Pont began planning for the sustained life of Longwood Gardens after his death. He founded the Longwood Foundation in 1937, and in 1946 the foundation was chartered with running Longwood Gardens for the general education and enjoyment of the public.

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