More Ideas for Using Garden Decor

to Accent Your Landscape

You can see by the photos on the main Garden Décor page that your decorative items can be either simple and inexpensive, or more intricate and costly. It’s up to you!

The good news is that even items that are not expensive can be beautifully done such as the little temple set on a bed of ferns on the previous page.

One area of my landscape that I really like is in the corner that is formed where the fence meets the house beside my gate.

I bought a little concrete bird bath and cemented an expensive, but attractive angel sculpture onto it. Behind it, for a great back-drop, I planted some Loose-strife, and put in two 6' sheets of trellis with ivy. A good ivy for this purpose is Shamrock Ivy, a 2007 ivy award winner, as it likes shade as well as sun.

Note: Loose-strife is about 3 1/2' tall with whispy leaves similar to a willow tree, and has beatiful lavender flowers in the summer.

Finally, in front of the bird bath, I planted some small 2' hedges to complete the design. One great small shrub for this type of design would be a Boxwood Green Velvet (zones 5-9) that grows 3' tall and 2-3' wide.

By the way, don't worry …. I have another bird bath that's strictly for the birds! :)

You can see by this description though, how eye-catching and fun something really simple can be. You can also see why you have to think ahead and make sure that everything you put in a particular area meets the same water and sun requirements. Then it’s much easier to maintain and stay attractive throughout the season.