To see some of the most unbelievably beautiful famous and formal flower-gardens-worldwide, just click on the links below.

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  • English-Cottage-Gardens
  • Private Gardens of Gippsland, Australia
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  • Beautiful-Gardens-of-Japan
  • Italian-Gardens
  • Keukenhof Gardens
  • Longwood-Gardens
  • Minter-Gardens
  • Missouri-Botanical-Garden
  • Monet-Garden

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    If you love nature and the way you feel when you’re out in it, nothing in the world can accomplish that more than a trip to one of the many spectacular and famous gardens that exist in literally every corner of the world. There are far too many to review here; however, I think you will agree that some of the ones I’ve chosen will amaze you and delight you like nothing you've ever seen before.

    From the Buchart Gardens in Canada, the Missouri Botanical and Longwood Gardens in the United States to the Kukenhoff Gardens in Holland, your spirits will be lifted and your passion for life renewed by just walking through one of these spectacular gardens and breathing in the smells, the incredible explosion of color, and the serenity you feel just by being there.

    The gardens that stand out from the crowd have several things in common that I like to incorporate when I design my own gardens and landscapes: layers, balance, contrast, colors, variety in the shapes and sizes of the plantings, and creativity in their design.

    Monet's incredible garden in Giverny, France is one of the gardens that inspires me most because his gardens are as innovative and as magically flowing as his beautiful and delicate paintings. His gardens, as his paintings, have a soft and continual blending of colors, smells, and a dream-like quality that make you feel as though you have stepped into one of his paintings. Just extraordinary!

    I will be adding information and resources on these incredible gardens at the bottom of each page of pictures as I continue to create this section of my website. I started with the pictures so you could begin the journey with me, and enjoy the trip as much as I am.