These are My Favorite Flowers
and the Reasons Why

All of the flowers on this page are perennials. I do use annuals, but I rely on a base of perennials as you're already half-way there with your beds when spring comes! Be sure to pick your colors carefully as you'll have them for quite a while. Click here for more perennials ... and here for some annuals.

For the greatest impact, put several of the same kind and color together. If you use more than 3 colors, unless it's a large area and the colors are in separate "segments", you will lose that "show-stopping"aspect. It will look like you threw a handfull of seeds in the bed without any thought, and it will all lose its impact.

PLEASE NOTE: These thumbnail pictures are compliments of contributors. Click on them for a full-size picture and to take you to Webshots; then hit your back button (left arrow at the top of your screen) to bring you back here. Enjoy!

Creeping Pink Phlox
This is a great perennial spring border flower. It's almost irridescent in its intensity, it blooms for several weeks in the spring. It's perfect for borders, rocks or spilling over stone ledges. It comes in pale lavender, white and the deep pink-purple color I love.
Salvia, Veronica Speedwell
A wonderful bushy plant that attracts butterflies. It's light and airy like an English cottage garden and comes back every year. It also comes in hot pink, bright red, a deep red (almost burgandy),purple, and white. It also attracts hummingbirds.
My daylillies
These flowers are absolutely spectacular the first time their brilliant colors explode in your garden. They are wonderful in a very sunny spot and one where they can multiply and fill your bed! A very easy and dependable perennial.

Purple Verbena
You might pass right by this one at the nursery as it looks leggy and not too pretty alone. Don't! Try it. You won't be sorry! It makes a brightly colored carpet of red, purple, hot pink, white or lavender -- a very dependable perennial.

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