Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms are a relatively new phenomen, and one that has caught on with people in every walk of life. There's always been outdoor "patio funiture" and people have always created pleasant little outdoor sanctuaries in which to relax and renew their spirits. However, today's "outdoor room" is a totally new concept.

Rather than simply a picnic table or patio set with an umbrella and maybe a few potted plants, our back yards and gardens have evolved into true extensions of our homes, and indeed -- part of our actual living space.

There's nothing at all wrong with the traditional patio settings; in fact they too can be very charming and comfortable as well as great places to entertain.

The concept of the "new" outdoor rooms is to be almost a second living or dining room. Outdoor funiture today add a whole new element to the design of your home and your favorite outdoor spaces.

Tables are no longer simply wood, glass or aluminum. You will find 'end' tables, 'coffee' tables, elegantly crafted chairs and 'couches' with foot stools, brightly colored pillows, and even weather-resistant rugs and lamps. They can even vary in style as your indoor furnishings do. They range from the extremely colorful and contemporary to the more muted and elegant traditional type settings.

Also extremely popular are the different types of fire and water elements available today.

People love the warmth and coziness of a fire, and you can find that in fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and barbeques that can almost function as a full kitchen! Many are in stainless steel, others all-brick, or combinations of the two. But rather than designed to grill a few pieces of meat for the family and/or a few guests, they can now function as cooking areas for huge parties and with multiple functionality for cooking, smoking, grilling and more.

Another favorite and much loved element for outdoors are the water features. That can include waterfalls on patios, waterfalls in pools, koi ponds, ponds with bridges, and fountains of every type and description as well. There are many beautiful wall fountains or table-top fountains for those with limited outdoor space, and then there are the unbelieveably elegant full-sized fountains that can be the centerpiece of your patio or your yard ... such as 3 tiered fountains, or fountains with sculptures or 'shooting' water as part of the design.

In summation, people have become more cautious with the way they spend their money, and in doing so, are staying home more on "stay-cations" instead of going on extremely expensive vacations that have no lasting and tangible value. Many people now would rather have a beautiful outdoor living and entertaining space 80-100% of the year (depending on where you live) for friends and family rather than a $5,000.00+ vacation that is over in a week or two.

I've found some beautiful examples to share with you, and would love for you to send me pics of your special outdoor rooms as well for you to share with me and my readers.

When people get together with a common passion and all their many and varied creative ideas, the possibilities are endless!

Feel free to write about your special room or unique ideas you have and send it to me via the "Contact Me" button on the front page of this website. Your privacy and email address will never be shared with anyone without your permission.

Now, on to the fun!

Here are a few gorgeous accessories to make your garden room distinct:

... and here's some simple and fun
furniture for your "room":

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"One of the most achievable outdoor rooms."

This one (and the view below it) is one of my favorites. It was taken at a garden show in Austrailia and includes all the things I love ... flowers. coziness and natural elements. Perfection!


"Yet another view ..... "

Nothing makes an outdoor room or a landscape look more inviting than "layering". You'll see other places on this website where I stress this. This one has both vertical and horizontal layering PLUS the use of the standard picnic table!


"View of backyard from deck"

This one is a perfect example of the beautiful furniture available today that has an 'indoor' feel with outdoor materials. I would probably add an arbor above with ivy, or possibly larger, more noticeable light posts as well as some plants - both green and flowers on stands, columns, or in large pots. And maybe some railing for added charm and to make the look a little less 'stark'.

"A different style of Outdoor living room ..."



"A wider view of the patio and arbor"



"Another view of the Arbor"


"Another view of the Patio"


"Attractive way to shade your Patio"


"Perfect setting for evening outdoor entertaining"


"Warmth and style for your downtown outdoor room"


"Cozy outdoor space for reading or day-dreaming"