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 Morning glory
Nothing brightens your mornings more than these gorgeous and refreshing little flowers. Whether on a trellis, a birdhouse pole, or an arbor over your gate, they are a wonderful way to start your day!

Purple Verbena
You might pass right by this one at the nursery as it looks leggy and not too pretty alone. Don't! Try it. You won't be sorry! It makes a brightly colored carpet of red, purple, hot pink, white or lavender -- a very dependable perennial.
Deep Red Hibiscus
This is a real show-stopper because it's almost the size of a salad plate and comes in many brilliant colors. It's an annual, but well worth buying. It's a great plant for direct, hot sun and is beautiful in a pot or mixed in a bed with some taller flowers.
Blue Daze
One of my favorite border annuals for bright, sunny places. It's very blue, a great spreader, attracts butterflies, and keeps blooming all summer. It's the border for my garden island (see the center photo) on the HOME PAGE of this website.
PANSIES What would we do without our pretty winter Pansies? I love the beautiful colors: deep purple with bright yellow; pale blue and orange or burgandy and deep yellow. They're so pretty in the winter -- peeking out of the snow to remind you that spring is right around the corner
 Day Lily
Such a pretty flower! And the best part? You can plant them from a pot to your bed and they will multiply. They are extremely eye-catching with other taller flowers, and complimentary to your other bedding plants.