Private Gardens of
Gippsland, Australia

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You don't really think of Australia when you think of gardens if you don't know much about the country. I've always wanted to go there for all the unusual animals and birds ... not to mention the beauty of the land itself, but never would I have thought to go there for the gardens. Sorry, Australia - I obviously need much to learn about your beautiful land.

However, I discovered the most marvelous treat ... that not only do they have gardens there ... they have extremely creative and unique gardens unlike anywhere in the world in so many aspects.

The lady who first peaked my interest is Leckie45, who won a Webshots Membership Choice Featured Album of 2011. I'm very grateful for the shared photos from her that I'm featuring on my website today ... and indefinitely.

I think you'll find them as surprising, creative, and charming as I did. Enjoy them to the fullest! And now, let's all visit Australia!

Here's a link I found interesting and I thought you would enjoy called A Year in a Gippsland Garden. Just right-click and copy it into your browser to go check it out.