Quikcrete Walkway Instructions
for a Beautiful Garden Path

Quikcrete walkway instructions don't have to be complicated!

The forms really are a very simple and cost-effective way to create a beautiful as well as charming custom walkway for your garden. A walkway that could easily cost $500.00 or more can be done for around $50.00!

Here's the walkway I made for my own home:

And below are the Quikcrete Walkway Instructions
you can use to make your own walk.

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Quikcrete Walkway Instructions

  • Lay out your walk area, using a garden hose, extension cord or baby powder

  • Dig out your walk to about 2-3" deep.

  • Place a layer of sand about 2" deep in the dug-out area and add a layer of plastic sheeting over that. Place your empty form in to make sure your walk will be level with your lawn (repeat this with each segment of your walk).

  • Mix your concrete. I used QuickCrete pre-mixed cement but mortar mixes will work or you can use pre-mixed cement, sand and pea gravel. *Here's where you can add your dry color concrete powder if desired.
  • Use a wheelbarrow, or to work in smaller steps, a large stainless bowl works well to mix your dry mix and water.
  • Lay the form into the first part of your prepared walk area and pour 1/3 of the concrete mix in, tap on the form lightly to remove air bubbles, and pour in the rest of the mix.
  • When the concrete is set enough to release from the form, if it won't come out easily, spray it with silicone or non-stick vegetable spray and release it onto the plastic.
  • If you plan on using any type of decorative "topping" such as colored smooth glass pebbles or pea gravel, do that now.
  • Almost done! After the stones have dried, put in either some grout, pea gravel or maybe a little sand in the mix if you want a little green to grow between the stones.
  • Finally, to protect your finish, use Quikrete Acrylic Concrete Sealer.


    You've just created your own beautiful cottage walk!