Landscaping a Soothing Outdoor Space

with Shade Trees

backyard landscaping picture-shady-shaded front-landscaping-yard, idea-landscaping shade-tree-landscaping-dianthus-english-ivy landscaping-river-rock, landscaping-rock

Do you want lots of shade trees and a soothing, comfortable outdoor living space? Choose trees with a large mature size and a wide canopy.

The landscaping pictures above will give you some ideas on planning a shaded yard. I used a "dummy landscaping" software package to design them. The backyard landscaping picture makes me want climb in the hanging hammock and relax right now!

If you are a flower lover, a shaded yard can limit the types of flowers and plants that will grow (and bloom) in the shade. Impatiens, Shade Begonias and ferns are a few that will generally work fine. There are both sun and shade Begonias, so make sure you are purchasing the right ones for your needs if you choose those.

Shady yards create a great opportunity to use some of the beautiful ground covers such as Asian Jasmine, English Ivy and Hosta. Bradford Pear Trees are so dense, you may have to use ground covers instead of lawn grasses under those. Another of the pictures above was designed with that type of area in mind, using landscaping rocks, shrubs, and ground covers for very low maintenance.

Whether it's trees, flowers or any other ornamental plants, just be sure to either ask or read the information available about the plants you may purchase so you'll know which are best for sun or shade. A good rule of thumb if you're buying at a garden center is the area where they are displayed. There will be some sort of cover or light filter over the ones that need to go in the shady parts of your landscape.