Stepping Stone Walkways
(and how to build one)

by Scott Byers

Do you want an attractive path to lead the way to your beautiful yard or garden? Then a great way to give your garden a new look is to try garden stepping stones.

Stepping stones are often used to give a natural looking walk to your garden through the front door of your home. Stepping stones are one way to give your walkway or garden a personalized look and style. They also add a touch of beauty to your garden.

How to make a garden walkway using stepping stones:

A series of steps we have discussed below which could be helpful and you can give a better look to your garden using stepping stones.

a) Marking your lawn: Marking your lawn is the foundation of your walkway. Determine your path which you would like to take. Mark your way in a curved fashion with the help of ropes. While marking your way make sure that you are laying two ropes together side by side.

b) Positioning the stones: Positioning the stones in the marked area is the second important step in creating your walk. Once you have completed the marking process, you need to place the stones in the marked area. Position the stones with a proper distance and fix them properly by placing them in a hole. Make sure that the difference between the stones is 18inches from the hole.

c) Arranging the stones: Arrange the stones with the help of a flat spade to give them the desired spacing.

d) Removing the stone: Removing the stone from their place helps you to fix the stone in the ground. Dig the outlined area from the spade so that you can fix the stone properly in the ground.

e) Pouring sand: Once you have dug the outlined area, pour in about an inch of sand so that the stone will lay flat.

f) Placing the stone: Place the stones in their respective holes.

g) Leveling the stone: Make sure that you have leveled the stones properly in the hole. An oddly fixed stoned can result in a trip hazzard.

h) Tamping the level: Once you have leveled the stone in the ground tamp the area with the soil. Filling the area is of utmost importance because it always gives the proper balance to the stone.

i) Deciding the height of stones: Make sure that you have given the same height to all the stones. You may level the height by laying a board on them.

j) Sweeping the stones: Once you have completed all the processes mentioned above, sweep the stones for a cleaner appearance.

k) Re-adjusting the height: You can adjust the height of stones according to your preference. While re-adjusting the height of stones you need to take out the stone(s) and make a decision on the permanent placement and height of the stone by filling with more sand as needed.

Once you are have completed the steps above, leave your walk for a few days so that the stones can settle properly. The best option would be leave it for at least a week. Once you've confirmed that the stones are settled and well-placed, you are all ready to use your newly created walkway.