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Flowers-plants and beautiful trees can literally take your breath away with their beauty. They are the most appealing and inspirational element of your landscape. So much so that with everything I plan in my own landscape,they come first!

I use a mixture of annual and perennial flowers and plants in my own flower beds. That gives you a nice balance of flowers that will come back every year (perennials) and a huge variety of others that you can have fun with and learn from, as you plant different types and colors each year (annuals) along with your existing perennials.

Some of your favorite flowers are probably annuals, and you won't be able to enjoy those or try out new types if your bed is full of the same flowers that come back year after year!

Sharing my garden is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. There are joggers who come by every day to enjoy it, people drive by and stop to compliment me on my efforts or to ask questions, and I even have a few men in the neighborhood who have told me I'm getting them in trouble with their wives because they want their husbands to build a garden for them, too!

I have lots of visits from area wild-life as well. I live across from a lake and have a tree with a bed of English Ivy, flowers, other plants, and a bench where every year a mallard duck mother uses it as a nesting place!

And the greatest compliment of all? There are grandmothers who come by every day walking their grandchildren who ask to come into my yard to show the children all the many flowers-plants and trees, or maybe the ducks when they're nesting there. To know it brings that much pleasure to others makes it all worthwhile!


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