Garden-Pond - Building-Your-Own

Garden-Ponds, of all the landscape elements you can have in your backyard garden, is the most exciting and the most dramatic.

When you walk out your back door, you walk out into another realm. A place that takes you away from all your cares and worries, away from the hustle-bustle and pressures of the world, away from everything that normally crowds your mind.

A garden-pond offers a sensual getaway like no other. An oasis of peaceful water trickling down the rocks of a small waterfall, some Koi fish gliding or spashing around in the beautiful and cool blue water, fan-tail palms and lilly pads, water lillies and ferns ... nothing quite like that feeling ... anywhere else.

It truly transforms your landscape into a place that feels like you've left everything in the world and in your life completely behind and stepped into a magical place that soothes your senses and calms your mind.

Below is such a pond. I hope you enjoy it and can get lost in it as I did.

Choosing the Right Pond Supplies

By Lara Davidson