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How to Grow Annuals for a
Spectacular Summer Garden

By Payo W Perry

Annuals are the fastest way to create a beautiful garden full of vibrant colour! It's not expensive to do and even a complete novice can do it as they are so easy to grow. In this article I'll be showing you how to quickly create a beautiful summer garden for all to admire and enjoy.

The first thing to know about annuals is that they grow from seed to flower all just 8 - 12 weeks and they'll go on flowering right until then end of the summer season so long as you are dead-heading - more on that later. You can buy them already germinated as seedlings but you'll be missing on most of the fun which is to grow them from seeds yourself.

It's a wonderful journey to the supermarket or garden centre when you go to choose all of the flower seeds you'll be growing. You'll be confronted with a vast array of seed packets all displaying different colours, flower designs, shapes and sizes. It's best to choose a wide selection and make sure each one says 'hardy annual'. This means they will grow outside directly sown into the ground and you won't need to nurture them in a greenhouse which most amateur gardeners won't have.

As soon as the soil temperate is warm enough you'll be able to sow your seeds directly into the garden in the same place they'll flower. You should take time however to make sure the ground is well prepared beforehand. Dig the soil over well until you get what's known as a 'fine tilth', basically the soil will be crumbly, powdery soft and fine.

Sowing seeds directly into the ground puts you back in touch with nature and back in touch with yourself. It's a great de-stressor and you'll have the pleasure of watching something grow and blossom, something which you alone created and were responsible for... with a little help from mother nature of course! In the next article we'll look at how to sow and care for your seedlings.

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