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Whether it's landscaping picture designs I've created myself using my landscape software, or photos acquired elsewhere, I think you'll be pleased at the gorgeous landscape pictures assembled here. I can't wait for spring time to go and take some more! Here's a before and after picture I've done with my own landscape design software,

Landscaping-pictures online didn't exist when I was looking for them over ten years ago. It's still a little difficult to find great backyard pics and ideas for hiding utility boxes for example.

Feel free to let me know if there's something specific you'd like to see or learn about that you don't find here and I'll be happy to try and locate it for you.
For most of my front landscaping yard photos, I've driven many miles all over the whole metro area where I live and have spent literally days taking these beautiful idea pics for my visitors. I also use stock photo sites as they are very reasonable and have virtually every kind of photo you could possibly want -- and the quality is excellent. Here's a few that I use:

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And click on the numbers for a few more: #1 #2

Many of my pictures were taken of upscale homes near where I live as those neighborhoods have a larger number of beautifully landscaped yards. They really inspire me! You can get great ideas from literally any type of home, public garden, or commercial landscape. Just take the ideas and scale them down to the size of your home no matter what the size or price-range.

For example, you may go to an arboretum and see just one little corner that draws your attention. Simply sketch or photograph it and reproduce it in a corner of your own landscape. Garden magazines or coffee table books are also great resources.

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