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The Perfect Tie to Bring
Your Landscape Design Together

Above pictures from left to right are: dogwoods-azaleas-red maples; mixed shrubs; purple sage shrub; fatsia japonica; holly shrubs; varigated boxwoods. You can also mouse-over the pictures to see the plant names.

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Shrubs, bushes and hedges are more important than you may think in bringing together everything else in your landscape. Don't make the mistake of under-estimating their usefulness! The right ones can be utilized in some very creative and practical ways to make your landscape more functional, beautiful and private.

Be really careful about the height and width of these plants. A great example is Red-Tipped Photenia. It can grow 4-5' deep and close to 20' high! You can see by this how important it is to pay attention to your tags when you buy, or purchase from an online nursery such as the one I've suggested here in the pink box so you won't put a photenia, for example, in a 2x2' area at the front of your garage!

Here's some general uses for your beautiful shrubs:

  • Rounded and bushy types soften the harsher elements of your home such as the corners of the house or a wide expanse of exterior beneath small windows for example. These uses also prevent your home from appearing "stark" and uninteresting;

  • Tall, wide and/or bushy ones can hide or detract from unattractive elements such as utility boxes or street signs;

  • There are several varieties that provide the lowest cost and most attractive solutions for privacy;

  • Hollies, Japanese Boxwoods and similar bushes can create a great "back-drop" and provide a striking contrast to your beautiful flower gardens;

  • Some decorative shrubs and bushes can even provide a stunning focal point in themselves just as a flower bed does (such as azaleas or hydrangea for example).

  • A Great Video On Planting Shrubs

    As always, I've personally selected some books that I think you may enjoy, from caring for your shrubs and bushes, to helping you to identify them when you're around your area.

    (Click here for more pretty photos)

    Some of my personal favorites are the ones that don't take a lot of trimming such as dwarf youpon hollies, salvia, sage, hollies and pittosporums. I also favor the ones that are either a deep, glossy green (like hollies) or in themselves, add some great contrast to your landscape. A good example of this type would be japanese boxwoods with their beautiful light--almost yellowish-green tones.

    For great seasonal color in your landscape, some of the most beautiful shrubs are hydrangea (pink, blue, lavender), roses (no explanation necessary!), salvia and sage (gorgeous shades of blue, bluish-purple--almost violet, deep red, hot pink, salmon, etc., azaleas (of course) for magnificent spring color and several others not mentioned here.

    Salvia is a main-stay of my garden because I love the English cottage garden look with natural-looking light and airy type plants. You can buy a tiny $5.00 plant and within a very short time, you'll have a beautiful light and 'whispy' looking bush that is about 4' wide and 3' deep with vibrantly colored tiny flowers all over it. As a plus, it is also evergreen.

    I have red, hot pink and purple salvia in my garden, and you can see some of them on the front page of this website.

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