If you are thinking of adding solar fountains to your garden, what a wonderful and green idea! The sun will not only help your flowers, plants, and trees to bloom well, but will provide power for the fountain. A unique fountain such as this will add to the grace and elegant beauty to your garden.

Solar garden fountains are as attractive as the other types of fountains and also are far more cost efficient. This is because they use the natural power of the sun, an abundant and free source of energy. Setting up the fountains is much simpler too, as you will have no need to run any power lines. Not having to do this also makes the fountains much safer, especially for children and pets. There are no lines to trip over, or chew on, in the case of pets!

All you really need to do is choose the place in your garden or home where you want to put the fountain, and install it. Be sure, though, that the spot receives sufficient sunlight.

Though these solar garden fountains are not the conventional style (rather, an innovation designed with user convenience in mind), they have become very popular in recent years, especially with the advent and spread of the 'go green' movement. Advancements in technology and in the water pumping design have maximized the performance of the fountains over the years, as well.

The built-in features of the solar fountains will add to the aesthetic appeal and peaceful ambience of your home. The soothing sound of water flowing will calm and relax you after a hard or stressful day.

The fountains generally come with a pump and a solar panel which catches the sunlight energy. As they come in a single unit, there is no need for assembly. With the design of the solar fountain, there should be no water leakage, either. In the case of leakage, because no electricity is involved, there is no real danger.

Solar fountains for your home or garden come in a wide array of choices in design, size, shape, color, material, and price. Because of such great variety, you are absolutely certain to find something that is perfectly suited to whatever you have in mind.

You can put them wherever you wish - your yard, garden, patio, or deck. Be aware that most of these fountains do not work in the evenings, at nighttime or cloudy conditions. However, if you want, there are models in which the solar power can be stored and the fountain will also work when it is dark.

In some designs, the fountain itself and the solar panel are separate. If you purchase one like this, it can be kept anywhere, inside or out, as long as the area receives sunlight.