Swimming Pools
Inground & Above-Ground

When you see luxury swimming pools, they're so beautiful and inviting, you want to build one for yourself and your family. But too often homeowners believe that ‘luxury’ automatically means expensive. This is not necessarily the case. While there are some features of luxury swimming pools that are a little pricey, there are plenty of things you can do for your pool that will make it a luxurious setting for your home without 'breaking the bank'.

When most people think of luxury swimming pools, they think of several things: pools that include saunas and hot tubs, pools that are indoors, or maybe pools that include special decorative touches. All of these extras allow the pool experience to be more relaxing and inviting, while also giving you a bit more than the traditional swimming time might provide. To add these features to your present pool situation, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Luxury swimming pools that include spas and hot tubs are easy to replicate in your own home. By simply adding a hot tub to the backyard, you can create that luxury experience – and without having to spend a lot of money to do so. To add a spa, you should talk with the dealers at a hot tub showroom as they can often combine a sauna with a hot tub in order to save you money as well as create a finished look.

Indoor pools are certainly some of the most talked about luxury swimming pools. But if you don’t have the room or the money to create this situation, you may want to spend some time building an outer structure to your current pool setting. By simply building a wooden deck with high walls around the pool, you can have complete privacy and quiet. In addition, you can create a separate eating and entertaining area that will be sealed off from the world.

But it’s the decorations that really make luxury swimming pools stand out. By adding simple ceramic tiles or choosing a new design for the fiberglass interior of your pool, you can allow the pool to become a fantasy experience. Add in some underwater lighting and you can even create a magical nighttime experience.

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Above-Ground Swimming Pools Can Be An Option Too!

Above-ground swimming pools are a very good option for many people, and can be as attractive as inground pools if they are integrated into your landscape properly.

Please don't automatically assume they're unattractive, and therefore not an option! You might want to re-think that. Because if you've made that decision based on looks alone, you're really denying yourself and your family a lot of fun and relaxation as well as a very pretty addition to your landscape.

With above-ground pools, just as inground, you can landscape around them by putting in a deck and/or stairs with railings, and unlike inground pools, you can put a partial deck around an above-ground, and it will still look extremely nice and finished.

Above-ground pools actually have much more flexibility than inground ones. Some of the most important things to remember if you want a pool but have held off on an above-ground one for whatever reason:

  • Above-ground pools don't have to be a permanent fixture in your landscape

  • You can enjoy one while your children are young, and then later when the children are grown and you don't want the maintenance, you can re-landscape your yard, minus the pool

  • Most importantly, especially in today's economy -- they're a wonderful alternative for a family who really wants a pool for friends and family but don't want to fork out the $20,000-$30,000 of their hard-earned income for an inground pool.

    Now that you've made a decision to go ahead and buy or build a pool this year, here's some things that will add fun and functionality to your new pool!

    Here's a couple of beautifully finished above-ground pools:

    And here's a video of the installation of slideshow of a 15 X 24' oval above-ground pool as it is being installed. I had an above-ground pool before in my first home with a gray deck built all around it and a set of wide steps leading up to it, and it was very attractive and provided my family with a lot of fun for several years!