Trees: The Crowning Glory
of Your Garden

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Trees are one of the most important elements of your landscape. They set the stage for the overall design and effect of your front yard, and they play a large part in the other plants and flowers you'll choose as well.

It's sometimes hard to make a choice on which ones are best for you! This page and the associated articles and pictures below will help you make an informed decision.

One way to approach this dilema? Plan before you plant! Decide which trees you absolutely must have for their gorgeous Spring or Fall show,and which ones need to go in areas where you don't want them to drop their leaves, and then plan everything else around them.

Here's my #1 favorite online nursery. I've gotten lots of my own plants here because I can get things that I can't find locally. Try it ... I think you'll love it, too!

If you're a very visual person as I am, I think you'll find this video useful when you get ready to plant your trees:

For additional help, you can click this link to go to the official United States National Arboretum hardiness zone map so your beautiful trees and plants will be happy and flourish in your area:

Official United States Arboretum Hardiness Zone Map

Stay right here on this site and do a Google search!

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A few of my personal favorites in my landscape are Slash Pines and a gorgeous Bald Cypress tree. I've used them in an area I designed on the side of my home, and they give my entire yard a lush and really green appearance. They are absolutely glorius standing tall in their rich bed of English Ivy inside a red brick walk. It's hard to believe I brought them all home myself in the trunk of my car! Here's a few pictures so you can enjoy them too:

Trees-Bald-Cypress-Slash-Pine002 Trees-Bald Cypress, Slash Pine 003-1 031 020

Below is a list broken down into categories, with links to pictures and detailed information to assist you in your decision-making.

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  • Fall-Color
  • Fast-Growing


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